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USFW Supervisor Forced to Remind Employees That Human Safety Comes First

Aug 29, 2018
In the wake of a July 12th incident in Okanogan County where a 25-year-old Forest Service employee was treed by wolves, and…

Firewood Permits Available Soon

Apr 25, 2018
Even as the snowline slowly creeps up the mountains, thoughts turn toward preparing for the next winter.  For many, that…

Fire Destroys Outbuilding on Ash Street

Apr 19, 2018
Quick work by Omak Fire crews kept a outbuilding fire from destroying neighboring houses on Wednesday night.  Omak Fire Chief…

Colville Tribes Moves Forward with Breach-of-Contract Case on $2.7 Million Contract

Press Release

Apr 19, 2018
The Colville Tribes continues to press a significant breach of contract case against South Bay Excavating (SBE), Liquid Networks…

30th Annual United Pow Wow in Omak May 5

Apr 18, 2018
Native American drummers and dancers will gather on Saturday, May 5, for the 30th Annual United Pow Wow at the Omak Tribal Long…

Man Dies From Self-Inflicted Wound

Apr 18, 2018
Okanogan County Sheriff Frank Rogers says a Texas man with a warrant for his arrest who shot himself in the head this morning on…