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Colville Tribal Elections to Move Forward

CBC Press Release

Jun 21, 2017
The Colville Tribal Elections Committee has made the decision to move forward with the elections process and let the Position…

Commissioner Pass Zone Code, Repeal Marijuana Moritorium

Jul 27, 2016
On Tuesday, the Okanogan County commissioners passed the first major update to the County’s zoning code in 38 years. The…


Jul 25, 2016
The USDA recommends that home canners have their pressure canner dial gauges checked each year to assure safety in home…

Lightning Storms Spark Fires

Jul 22, 2016
Lightning from last night’s storms ignited a small fire in the 8-Mile drainage north of Winthrop, Washington.  The half-acre…

New Curtains Installed at the PAC

Jul 20, 2016
Following a successful fundraising campaign by the Omak Performing Arts Center Foundation, an array of new curtains was…

Omak Man Arrested in Connection with Mini Mart Robbery

Jul 20, 2016
An Omak man was arrested early Saturday morning after he was identified as the suspect in the robbery of the Stampede Mini Mart…