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Are Your Fireworks Legal?

By Office of the State Fire Marshal
Jun 29, 2011

In 2010, there were 576 fireworks-related incidents in Washington State resulting in more than $2.1 million in property loss. Fire service officials urge residents to work together to reduce this loss by knowing the legal consequences and taking responsibility.

Fireworks sold on tribal lands are not subject to local and state laws and may not be legal in your community. Examples of fireworks legal to purchase and use on tribal lands, but are illegal in Washington State off tribal lands are bottle rockets, firecrackers and missiles. Remember - It's your responsibility to know the laws in your community.

Legal Consequences: There may be legal consequences for any injuries or damages caused by the irresponsible use of fireworks. These consequences range from being charged with malicious mischief, assault or a gross misdemeanor. Examples include possession of illegal explosive devices, such as fireworks that have been altered.

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