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Bears Foraging Near Town

May 31, 2011

Bears are being spotted close to the towns of Omak, Okanogan, Brewster and Tonasket according to WDFW Sgt. Jim Brown.

Brown is asking residents to please secure attractants such as garbage, bird feeders and pet food, to keep from bringing the bears into your yard.

Currently Brown said there are known problem bears in the
Pogue Mountain area. He said, "we aren't asking people to call in, we are asking them to make sure attractants are put away."

You can do a lot to keep the bears from being a problem by securing garbage cans and pet food where the bears cannot smell it, and or get into it at least for the next few

Also, Brown is reminding residents not to pick up fawns that you believe may have been abandoned. He said, people just don't understand that the mom is around somewhere, and you endanger the fawns life by picking it up. So please leave fawns alone if you come upon one.

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