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CBC Election Poll Results Released Monday

May 09, 2017

On Monday, the Tribal Elections committee released the official poll results from Saturday’s primary election for the Colville Business Council.

In Omak District Position number 1, Norma Sanchez received the most votes with 95, Kim Belgarde is in second place with 52 votes, incumbent Richard Tonasket is in third with 27 votes, followed by Sonny Sellars 26, Bass Williams 25, Preston Lee Boyd 24, and Karen Condon with 18 votes.

In the Omak District Position number 2 race, incumbent Mel Tonasket is retiring and did not seek re-election.  The poll results for Position number 2, Russell Boyd had the most votes with 60, Melissa Louis is in second with 49, Larry D. Smith is in third with 31 votes followed by Anne Marchand 29, Richard Lee Allen and Shirley Charley each with 25, and Berney Zacherle and William J Marchand each with 23 votes.

In the Nespelem District, incumbent Ricky Gabriel is currently in second place with 47 votes behind Rodney Cawston with 52 votes. Others in Nespelem District #1, Anna Vargas with 30, Amelia Marchand with 21, Cory Christman 16, and Brian Quill with 12 votes.

In Nespelem District Position #2, Winnie Pakootas leads incumbent Andrew Joseph Jr, 45 to 43.  Charlene Bearcub is in third with 38 votes, followed by Jon Batten 19, Vance Cleveland 18, Harvey Moses Jr 16, and Mary D. Blue Eyes with 1 vote.

In the Inchelium District Position #1, Joel Boyd leads all candidates with 82 votes, Tobias Finley has 26, Doug Seymour has 22 and incumbent Allen Hammond has 20 votes.

In the Inchelium District Position #2, Marvin Kheel leads incumbent Susie Allen 54 to 47, Tig-Julie Phillips has 37 and Ben Edward Marchand Sr. has 15 votes.

In the Keller District Position #1 Incumbent Jack Ferguson leads with 39 votes, followed by Toni Seylor with 13, John Stensgar and Pokey Tonasket each have 6 votes.

Absentee ballots have not yet been released.  The top two finishers for each position will move on to the general election on June 24th.

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