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Church Records Stolen; Reward Offered

Jul 25, 2011

On Thursday night, someone broke into the Trinity Episcopal Church in Oroville and stole a small safe. What they didn't know was the safe contained church records and not money. While the records may not have value to the thief who stole them, according to Rev. Marilyn Wilder, those records are priceless.

Wilder said she was contacted by the Oroville Police Thursday night, letting her know the door was ajar to the church. She said, nothing else was taken just the safe. Inside the safe were ledger books containing records that date back to the early 1900's. Wilder said these were records of weddings, births, confirmations, baptisms and deaths.

She said all they want is the records back. Wilder said they are offering a $100 reward, no questions asked if the records are returned. If you have information that could help, you are asked to contact the Rev. Marilyn Wilder at 476-3629.

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