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Closure for Culvert Replacement Near Lost Lake

Sep 13, 2013

Beginning September 23rd, the 3200-050 road, along the east side of Lost Lake will be closed.  The closure is expected to extend into early October and will allow for the replacement of a damaged culvert.

Over the years, the existing 24 inch culvert has been crushed and bent so that debris collects inside it, rendering it ineffective.  The replacement culvert will help maintain lake levels to keep FS road 3200-050 from being periodically covered with water. 

Reducing fluctuation of Lost Lake’s water levels also benefits nesting populations of Loon and Black Terns.

This culvert replacement project was funded through Title II of the Secure Rural Schools Act.

Lost Lake is east of Tonasket Washington in the Tonasket Ranger District’s 5-Lakes recreation area.  The lake and the surrounding area are popular with both overnight and single day recreationists. 

For more information, please contact the Tonasket Ranger District at 509-486-2186.  Road, trail and campground information is regularly updated online at www.fs.usda.gov/goto/okawen/recreation.


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