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The Colville Tribes Closes the Colville Reservation to Non-Essential Traffic

News Release

Mar 25, 2020

The Colville Reservation is now closed to visitors until further notice as part of the Colville Tribes’ ongoing effort to stall the spread of COVID-19. Access remains allowed for tribal members, non-member residents of the Reservation, employees of the Tribes, delivery, postal, and food services, and other pre-approved outside agency personnel or essential services.

The state highways on the Reservation also remain open to through traffic. These include Highways 155, 97, and 21. Highway signs will urge travelers through the Reservation to stay safe and stay home.

Rodney Cawston, Chairman of the Colville Tribes, said, “This closure is consistent with other recent actions taken by the Colville Tribes to protect all people from the pandemic. It is also consistent with the Stay at Home order recently issued by Governor Jay Inslee to protect all citizens of the state of Washington. Essential services will continue to be provided to residents of the Reservation.”

“The best way to protect public health, and to limit economic damage as much as possible, is simply for people to practice social isolation in every way they can for the near future,” Chairman Cawston added. “As painful as it can be, right now is just not the time to visit our friends and neighbors because it is dangerous to do so. Now is the time to stay at home, weather the storm, and ensure that we all come out stronger on the other side of this crisis.”


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