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Commissioner Pass Zone Code, Repeal Marijuana Moritorium

Jul 27, 2016

On Tuesday, the Okanogan County commissioners passed the first major update to the County’s zoning code in 38 years.

The Ordinance, which was forwarded to them by the Regional Planning Commission following a series of public meetings earlier this year, updates the rules that regulate development and land use throughout the county.

With the passage of the zone code, which includes rules for Marijuana operations in the county, the County no longer needed the moratorium on such operations, and the Commissioners voted also to repeal the Moritorium that had been put in place earlier this year to stop a rush of license applications being submitted to the State while tougher rules were being planned locally.

The new zone code requires a conditional use permit for all new marijuana operations, however, it states, that “Legally established Cannabis operations in existence prior to the adoption date of this code are considered legal pre-existing in accordance with the code, section 330. Section 330 reads in part that those pre-existing uses, “may be continued so long as it remains otherwise lawful.”

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