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Eight Alcohol Retailers Pass Compliance Checks

May 16, 2014

To help prevent underage drinking, Omak PD and Brewster PD teamed up to conduct alcohol sales compliance checks in Omak and Okanogan on Friday May 9th.

A total of 10 businesses were checked for alcohol sales laws compliance, and of those, 8 successfully refused to sell to Omak Police Department’s underage youth operative. They include: Rite Aid, China Star restaurant, El Portal restaurant, Walmart, Exxon Food Mart, Mickey’s Chuckwagon, Flying B, and Okanogan Chevron.

Stacey Okland, Okanogan County Community Coalition’s underage drinking prevention coordinator said, “We are pleased with the 8 locations that did not sell to Omak PD’s undercover youth. They are doing a great job, and we encourage them to keep doing their part to prevent underage drinking.”

Employees of the Stampede Mini Market and the Omache Texaco were cited by Omak PD for furnishing alcohol to a minor, which is a gross misdemeanor and punishable up to a year in jail and a $5000 fine. (RCW 66.44.270 (1) The violations will also be reported to the Washington State Liquor Control Board who will determine what kind of administrative action will be taken against the store owners. Administrative actions include fines, 5 – 30 day license suspensions, or both. Repeat violations can result in a liquor license being revoked.

Since underage drinking can lead to tragic consequences for young people, Omak Police and Brewster Police are committed to enforcing Washington State alcohol laws. With funding provided by the Okanogan County Community Coalition, more compliance checks will be conducted through the month of June.  

More information about Washington State Liquor laws can be found at http://liq.wa.gov/

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