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Emphasis Patrols Continue in Omak Area

Jul 03, 2013

Emphasis patrols in the Omak area are continuing to prove effective in enforcing underage drinking laws.

A juvenile was cited for Minor in Possession Saturday after a concerned citizen reported seeing two juvenile males with a weapon. One juvenile was arrested on a warrant and an MIP for having liquor in his backpack. An investigation is on going to find out where the juvenile got the alcohol.

 A juvenile faces fines, time in juvenile detention, and loss of their drivers’ license for a Minor in Possession offense. Those found to be providing alcohol to a minor “under 21” face $5000 in fines and up to a year in jail. 

 Emphasis patrols will continue--Omak Police Dept is committed to keeping Omak youth safe. If you suspect someone is providing alcohol to minors please call 826- 0383.

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