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Emphasis Patrols Continuing to Prove Effective

Jun 05, 2013

With funding provided by Okanogan County Community Coalition's underage drinking prevention program, Omak Police were out on emphasis patrols again this past weekend. 

Officials say a juvenile was cited for Minor in Possession early Saturday morning after a report of a fight in progress, and three juveniles were also arrested and cited for Minor In Possession at East Side Park on Saturday night.

The juveniles face fines, time in juvenile detention, and loss of their drivers’ licenses.

An investigation is on going to find out where the juveniles got the alcohol. Those found to be providing alcohol to a minor “under 21” face $5000 in fines and up to a year in jail. 

These emphasis patrols will continue,  the Omak Police Dept and the Okanogan County Community Coalition are committed to keeping Omak youth safe.

If you suspect someone is providing alcohol to minors please call 826- 0383.

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