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Extension Offering Webinar for Home Gardeners

May 09, 2012

Scheduling Lawn and Garden Watering on your Smartphone or Web Browser.

When do I turn the water on? How long do I leave it on? These are simple questions with difficult answers. This webinar will describe how to use a new irrigation scheduling tool that runs equally well on a Smartphone or any web browser to greatly simplify making these decisions in a way that will result in green lawns and healthy gardens, save you work, and most importantly save on your water bill!

Dr. Troy Peters, WSU Extension Irrigation Specialist, is hosting a webinar for home gardeners to learn about irrigation scheduling from an app on a smart phone or any web browser.

Tuesday May 29th at 7:00 PM go to breeze.wsu.edu/rain and log in as a guest. Dr. Troy Peters, WSU Extension Irrigation Specialist will guide viewers through the process and answer questions.

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