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Fire Update from Okanogan PUD

Jul 19, 2014

Due to the fires in Okanogan  County,  the communities   of Pateros,  Carlton,  Twisp  and Winthrop  along with  outlying  areas are currently  without  power.   Like many of the homes, the electric  system  is almost a complete  loss.  Okanogan  PUD personnel  are currently  working  around the clock.   However,  the extent of the damage  is so great that it could take several weeks  before power  will be restored.                                         

Our First  Priority Is Safety.   The fire is still burning  and our crews are supporting  the efforts  of the Emergency  Service  personnel  working  on the fire.  Those  individuals  that are using small generation  units are compromising   the safety of utility  and emergency  service  workers  because  the small generation  units are not being  installed  properly  and they are energizing  electrical  lines that should  be de-energized.

Before  you connect  any generation  unit to your house  or premises,  PLEASE  CALL  509-422-3310.

Restoring    Service.   We are also assessing  the damage  and procuring  the resources  necessary  to rebuild the electric  system.    We have crews from neighboring  utilities  and BPA mobilized  and ready to assist us in our restoration  efforts.   However,  we cannot  begin until the fire is sufficiently  contained.

Current  updates  will be posted on Okanogan  PUD's   website  at www.okanoganpud.org. Thank you for your patience  and understanding.

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