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FREE Training:Investigating Child Sexual Abuse

Mar 28, 2017

Washington State’s Children’s Justice Task Force is hosting this FREE training around the State.  Our goal is to provide a guide for investigators and social workers on the best practices of child sexual abuse investigations through a better understanding of the dynamics of abuse, the mechanisms of injury, victim and witness interviewing skills, and the efficient use of the professional expertise available.

This class will build on the foundational skill sets learned in basic training by each discipline and demonstrate how all members of the child sexual abuse team (law enforcement, social workers and prosecutors) can best work together to consolidate the medical, social and legal facts in each case in order to increase the chances for successful prosecution and enhance child safety.

Goals and Objectives:

1. To support existing Law Enforcement officers, Prosecutors, and Child Protection workers with training which revisits skills they learned in Basic/Initial Training and to provide specialized knowledge and skills on the most current forensic practices related to child sexual abuse investigations

2. To specifically support the improvement of the handling of suspected cases of child sexual abuse, in a manner that will improve interview practices, injury identification, documentation of injuries, coordination and testifying in court

3. To explore example cases of success and problems prosecuting cases and how Law Enforcement and Child

Protective Worker skills directly tie to legal and court activities.

REGISTER HERE: www.MCWEvents.com/Omak

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