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Homicide Confirmed, Search on for Suspect

Jul 22, 2011

Officials confirmed that the man who's body was found Wednesday near Brewster, died from a head trauma. Officials are now calling his death homicide.

Okanogan County Sheriff Frank Rogers said the autopsy conducted Thursday on 39-year-old Carlos Porras-Trujillo, showed he died from a head wound caused by blunt force trauma. His body was found in an orchard on Red Apple Road north of Brewster. Porras-Trujillo had been fighting with another Gebbers Farms orchard worker on Sunday, and didn't show up for work on Monday. Rogers said they believe the head wound was from the fight.

Rogers said detectives believe the man he was fighting, hid the body in the orchard and then fled the area. He said they are working "on the true identity of the suspect at this time so no name is being released."

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