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Juvenile Arrested with Marijuana in his Pocket

Mar 02, 2017

At approximately 11:30pm on Wednesday night (March 1) an Omak police officer saw a 16 year old juvenile male walking on the side walk in front of North Elementary.  The police officer recognized the juvenile as one that had a court ordered curfew.  When the officer initiated a conversation, the boy ran away and was eventually detained by an Okanogan County Sheriff’s Deputy in the Hometown Pizza parking lot.

While the boy was being frisked he told the police that he had marijuana and a pipe in his pocket.  In addition to being in possession of marijuana and drug paraphilia, the police discovered that there were outstanding warrants. Omak Police transported the juvenile to the Okanogan County Juvenile Detention Center.

Recreational Marijuana remains illegal for anyone under 21. Anyone providing marijuana to a person under 21 can be charged with a felony.

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