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Juvenile Arrested for Providing Marijuana to 15 Year Old

Press Release

Dec 20, 2017

Sunday, December 17th, at approximately 5:30 p.m. Omak Police responded to an emergency call from a 15 year-old juvenile female who needed medical attention for loss of sight.  She admitted to using marijuana dabs and during the conversation with the officer she lost consciousness. She was taken to the hospital by Lifeline and the officer was able to ask her how she obtained the dabs.  She told the officer she was doing dabs with a 17 year-old male friend, who got the dabs from his 22 year-old brother. The officer contacted the 17 year-old juvenile who confirmed they were using retail dabs called Cinderella Dream, but claimed his brother didn’t give it to him. The case has been sent to the Juvenile Prosecutors office for review for Delivery of a Controlled Substance against the 17 year-old juvenile male. 

According to RCW 69-50-41, the parents of the 15 year-old juvenile female “shall have a cause of action against the person who sold or transferred the controlled substance for all damages to the minor or his or her parent or legal guardian caused by such sale or transfer”, which means the juvenile's parents could sue to recover costs of medical treatment their child received at the hospital.

It is not legal for anyone under 21 to use marijuana and it is a felony to provide marijuana to anyone under 21.  So, when Omak Police finds young people under 21 using marijuana they will continue to conduct investigations to find out who provided them with the substance.  Please don’t provide marijuana to anyone under 21 years old.


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