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by Christians in Action President Kathleen Christensen

Dec 22, 2016

With great disappointment, Christians In Action announces the expiration of its FCC License to operate the KMBI 103.9FM translator on Omak Mountain. This also affects the 89.3 FM North Valley translator which translates our signal to the Tonasket/Oroville area. The station can still be accessed through computer at www.kmbi.fm. Select “listen on-line”.

When the FCC changed from simple postcard notification of license renewal to a new registration system and seven page on-line renewal in 2005, President Kathleen Christensen completed the application before the deadline. Never hearing back, she later discovered we were not listed on the database, so refiled the application 10/27/2009 per spoken instructions from FCC clerk, Penny Dade. Again, no notice about anything. The application appeared to be completed, yet evidently was not. It was discovered that a FCC letter had been sent to Christians In Action PO Box, but returned by the Post Office as unclaimed. No effort was made by FCC to contact Christensen personally by phone or e-mail.

An attorney was secured from Moody Bible Institute (MBI) who resubmitted the paperwork with petition for reconsideration in 2011, and the subsequent license renewal due in 2014. The petition noted the regulatory confusion and lack of communication to our group. Again nothing was heard except “filed” and “pending” on their database. Christensen, the attorney, KMBI and MBI technicians were in communication about whether to disconnect.  It was decided to keep it on until we got official notice of termination, which was received Dec 20, 2016 by the attorney from Peter Doyle, FCC Audio Division.

Christensen feels the letter contains errors that assume we were late in filing, when there is evidence that it was attempted on time. It may be possible to apply for a new license in 2017. The non-profit 501c3 group encourages KMBI listeners to contact us with their ideas for appeal or for information: www.okanoganchristiansinaction.org,  or PO Box 63, Okanogan WA 98840, or Christensen at 509-422-4660.

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