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Level 2 Evacuations Ordered in Salmon Fire

Aug 30, 2011

As of 3:30 pm Today, Tuesday September 30th

The Salmon Creek Fire is still estimated to be roughly 1100 acres. Approximately 20 homes are threatened. Some have fire in their back yards but are expected be ok.
A level 2 evacuation is currently in effect for those homes while others are at a Level one.

A type 2 team has been ordered to assist with the fire. The Stampede grounds are currently being made ready to assist with staging additional personnel.

The Green Lake Road and portions of the Salmon Creek road are closed to the general public.

According to Fire information officers we have been fortunate with the weather and wind to this point, however, increased winds are predicted for this evening.

As of 1:53 pm Today, Tuesday September 30

The Salmon Creek Fire is currently at approximately 1100 acres. It has recently jumped the Green Lake Road. It spotted across and is near some structures.
A level 2 evacuation has been issued for those homes in the new portion of the Green Lake road area. Fire personnel are working with the Okanogan Sheriff's Department communicating the level-two evacuation information.
Several large tanker planes are in route to assist with the fire.

The NW portion is still burning as well. Retardant is also on the way for that portion of the fire and is expected to arrive this afternoon.

This the latest update on the Salmon Creek Fire as of 1:53 pm

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