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Local Retailers Pass With Flying Colors in Compliance Checks

Mar 21, 2017

On Friday March 17th, Omak Police Department and Brewster Police Department in partnership with Okanogan County Community Coalition conducted alcohol and marijuana compliance checks in Omak and Okanogan. A total of 10 businesses were checked for alcohol sales law compliance, and 2 for marijuana compliance.  Both marijuana businesses (Sage Shop and Caribou Cannabis) refused to sell to Omak Police Department’s underage operative. All 10 alcohol retailers also refused to sell to the underage operative and they include: Okanogan Chevron, Beaver Trap, Omak Chevron, Stampede Mini Market, Safeway, Rite Aid, Valley Lanes, Pizza Hut, Walmart, and Omak Travel Plaza.

According Okanogan County Community Coalition Project Coordinator, Stacey Okland, 100% compliance is great news and means local retailers are doing their part to make sure young people under 21 are not purchasing alcohol and marijuana in our community.  Research on alcohol compliance checks indicates that when compliance checks are performed frequently and with recognition for those who were successful the number of sales to minors is reduced dramatically, so Okanogan County Community Coalition will continue to use local coalition funds to conduct compliance checks to ensure that local alcohol and marijuana retailers maintain their compliance with Washington State Liquor and Marijuana laws. 

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