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Man Arrested for Threats Again

Oct 31, 2011

Patrick M Shivnen
A man who was convicted of felony harassment with threats to kill, was arrested Saturday for allegedly threatening a neighbor with a shot gun.

Okanogan County Sheriff Frank Rogers says the man, 52--year-old Patrick M. Shivnen, of Tenino, was arrested Saturday at the Omak Inn Motel.

Rogers said on the 18th of October deputies responded to a threats complaint at an area around Prior Loop Road near Oroville. The victim reported that Shivnen had pointed a shotgun at him. He said, "When Deputies arrived, Shivnen was not there but his vehicle was. He said, " it appeared that Shivnen had run into the woods to hide."

On Thursday last week, deputies went back to Shivnen's property with an arrest warrant and search warrant. "Again," Rogers said, "Shivnen was not at the residence but during the search a hunting rifle was found buried on the property along with several cameras set up around the residence." Due to Shivnen's felony conviction, he may not legally possess any firearms.

Shivnen had been arrested on October 17, 2010 after he assaulted two men with a shotgun, held them for about half an hour and threatened to kill them. Shivnen then released the men but stole their shotgun. Shivnen was convicted for harassment with threats to kill on February 17, 2011.

On Saturday morning, Deputy Terry Shrable was driving past the Omak Inn when he spotted Shivnen's pickup parked in the parking lot. When Shrable began to walk towards the building, Shivnen came out of motel. Shivnen was arrested without incident.

Rogers said, a search of Shivnen's vehicle turned up another 30-30 rifle.

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