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Marijuana Getting Into Teens Hands; Minor Arrested for DUI

Apr 14, 2016

While out on emphasis patrols on Saturday night, Omak Police arrested a minor for driving under the influence.  A 17 yr. old juvenile male was arrested for DUI after he failed a field sobriety test. He had several containers of alcohol in his vehicle and admitted to using the bong found in his car to smoke marijuana 2 1/2 hours before he was pulled over.

“Alcohol and Marijuana both influence coordination and perception, which are necessary to safely drive a vehicle” states Stacey Okland, Project Coordinator for Okanogan County Community Coalition. Sadly, alcohol is still a leading factor in crashes for 16 -24 year olds. And, according to Washington Traffic Safety Commission marijuana related crashes have doubled since 2010. So, if you suspect someone is providing alcohol to minors or you see someone driving under the influence please call 911.

Emphasis patrols will continue in Omak as well as around Okanogan County with help from other local law enforcement agencies.  

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