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Morton co-sponsors bill to keep a step ahead of drug dealers

Feb 11, 2011

Sen. Bob Morton, R-Kettle Falls, is co-sponsoring a bill to make sure camouflaged illegal drugs are banned under state law.

"Technology itself is neutral, but it doesn't stay that way in the wrong hands. Drug dealers call it 'potpourri' but the truth is the mixture contains synthetic marijuana; and the so-called 'bath salts' they are pushing are really synthetic cocaine," Morton said.

Senate Bill 5729 makes synthetic and chemically similar versions of controlled substances illegal under state law. Right now, police officers cannot arrest people who produce, sell and possess these drugs.

"Illegal drugs ruin lives, break up families and sometimes even kill," Morton said. "We have to keep one step ahead of drug dealers so we can bring them to justice."

Last year, the American Association of Poison Control Centers received calls from 48 states and the District of Columbia about products spiked with illegal drugs. Synthetic marijuana is being sold at gas stations and convenience stores.

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