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No Injuries in Vehicle Fire on Harts Pass

Jun 20, 2013

No injuries were reported associated with Tuesday’s vehicle fire on Harts Pass Road, northwest of Winthrop, Washington.  The road crew was using their pick-up and pulling a rock rake when mechanical issues resulted in a vehicle fire. 

Rural and Forest Service fire engines responded to the fire, which was mostly contained to the pick-up. 

“The fire didn’t really spread much beyond the vehicle,” said Shannon O’Brien, Public Affairs Specialist.  “There is still snow up there.”

Hart’s Pass road accesses the Pacific Crest Trail and a network of other trails heading into the Pasayten Wilderness.  It is the highest point in the State of Washington that one can drive. The road was built in 1893 to access the gold and silver mines that were home to over 1,000 permanent residents.


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