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Omak to end Late-Start Mondays; Add Early Release Days

Oct 06, 2011

In order to meet the new legislative changes regarding the counting of Kindergarten Class instructional time, the Omak School District is going to discontinue its practice of having Late-Start Mondays during this current school year.

The last Late-Start Monday will be on Monday, October 17, 2011. Beginning on Monday, October 24, 2011, school start times on Mondays will be the same as on other days of the week. School officials say this change will necessitate some planning on the parents' part to incorporate the time changes into their children's lives and their own. Hence, the advanced notice of the scheduling change.

Other calendar changes include the scheduling of 7 Early Release days, as part of a mitigation to compensate teachers for their loss of salary due to State funding reductions. The additional Early Release days will be: October 26 -- November 22 -- December 20 -- February 16 -- March 30 -- May 25 -- June 13. The four Early Release Days for report card preparation and one for the last day of school will remain unchanged.

AM/PM Kindergarten and Pre-School classes will alternate Early Release Days and stay for the entire day (8:10-12:25) on their attendance days. Parents should note that buses for the AM end-of-day and PM beginning-of-day will be different on Early Release Days. These details and schedules will be available to parents through their respective school offices.

Additionally, these scheduling changes will result in a gain in student instructional time and reduce bus transportation costs. If you have questions about the scheduling changes, or need additional clarification, please contact your child's Principal or the District Office.

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