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Omak High School Closed Friday Due to "Extreme Vandalism"

Mar 30, 2012

Omak High School Students were excused from school today due to what officials are calling "extreme vandalism." Omak Superintendent Dr. Art Himmler in a telephone interview called the damage, "a wholesale slaughter."

Himmler said the main area of the high school, which includes the Administration area and the two wings that go off from that were severely damaged. He said "anything made of glass" has been smashed. Himmler said the police had roped off the area while they are investigating, so he hadn't been able to see all of what damage, but what he was able to see, was that all of the windows, hallway windows, door windows and interior windows of offices have all be smashed. He said all of the vending machines were smashed and the security cameras were ripped out of the ceiling.

Himmler said that in talking with some of the students outside early this morning, many of them were very angry someone would do that to their school. He said some of the students are planning to hold a fundraiser to raise the money to replace some of the items that were destroyed.

Himmler said he learned about this at about 7am this morning, and by the time of our interview at roughly 11am, he had already heard from Home Depot and Walmart offering to help, along with other businesses in town. He said he had also been contacted by Dr. Richard Johnson from the Okanogan School District offering help and support as well.

Students were excused early this morning and were allowed to leave if they could return home safely. Officials said for student that needed to stay at the school, they were being accommodated in the Performing Arts Center and Stevens Gym until they could be bussed home.

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