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Omak Man Arrest for Assault

Apr 22, 2013

Saturday afternoon, Colville Tribal Police, Omak Police and Okanogan County Deputies responded to a report of shots fired 37 Brooks Track. 

When they arrived at the scene they found 59-year-old James M. Gee, of Omak, who had been drinking, had gotten into an argument with 40-year-old Rachelle M. Stanley, of Omak.

Sheriff Frank Rogers said during the fight Gee had a .22 caliber pistol with him and had allegedly knocked Stanley to the ground.  Rogers said Stanley started screaming for her sister, Lynn Stanley to help her.

Lynn Stanley told authorities that when she came out of her trailer, she saw Gee and her sister on the ground fighting. She said Gee had the pistol but Rachelle was holding onto the pistol, trying to stop Gee from shooting her. Lynn Stanley said she was able to grab Gee and wrestle him to the ground. Rachelle Stanley then grabbed the gun and ran back into Gee’s residence.

Gee then went back into the residence, allegedly found the pistol and fired one round which struck the kitchen floor, hit the refrigerator and ended up in a cupboard. Roger said, “When law enforcement arrived Gee still had the weapon with him as he was sitting on the couch.”

Gee was arrested at the scene without incident and was booked into the Okanogan County Jail on First Degree Assault.

Rogers said no one was injured in the incident.


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