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Omak Police Continue Working to Keep Omak Youth Safe.

Oct 25, 2013

The Omak Police Department responded to a call this week where a juvenile was found to be in possession of marijuana. That juvenile was cited for being in possession of a controlled substance.  Although it may be legal for someone 21 years old or older to be in possession of marijuana, it is NOT legal for someone under 21 to be in possession or consume marijuana.  The juvenile faces 30 days in juvenile detention, up to 12 months of community supervision, up to 150 hours of community restitution, up to a $500 fine and loss of their driver's license.

Omak Police will also be out on emphasis patrols during Homecoming events in Omak this weekend. They would like to remind minors that they don’t have to actually be in possession of alcohol to be cited for a Minor in Possession.  If an Officer sees that a minor is exhibiting the signs of consuming alcohol like odor of alcohol on their breath, glossy eyes, slurred speech, and/or loss of balance they can and will cite a minor with Minor in Possession.

Emphasis patrols will continue--Omak Police Dept is committed to keeping Omak youth safe. If you are one of the 9 out of 10 Omak area residents who don’t approve of underage drinking in our community, please call 911 if you witness or suspect someone is providing alcohol to minors or a place for them to consume it.

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