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Omak Pool Vandalized During Break-in

Jul 19, 2017

One or possibly two suspects broke into the Omak City Pool last night, causing damage to inside the building as well as to the pool cover.

Omak Police Sgt. Russ Talent said they believe they know who the suspects are and are looking for them at this time.  Talent said they tried to steal cash, however they were unsuccessful, but they did do some damage inside as well as a very expensive pool cover. 

There had been a swim meet at the pool last night, so the pool closed around 8:30pm.  This incident occurred sometime between 8:30pm and 6:30 this morning.

Talent said he believed the pool cover can be repaired, if not replacement will run about $3500. 

The investigation into the incident is on-going at this time.

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