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Omak Teen Arrested for DUI

Jun 13, 2014

With funding provided by the Okanogan County Community Coalition, Omak Police were out making contact with young people during graduation celebrations last weekend. 

During the early morning hours of June 8th, Omak Police arrested 18-year-old Alondra Ramos-Lopez for Minor Driving Under the Influence. Ms. Ramos- Lopez claimed to the Designated Driver for those over 21 years old in the car with her, but the breathalyzer registered her blood alcohol limit to be .077. The legal limit for someone 21 yrs old or older is .08.  She faces up to a year in jail, loss of her drivers license for up to a year and up to $5,000 in fines.

According to, Stacey Okland, the Underage Drinking Program Coordinator for Okanogan County Community Coalition “Alcohol depresses a young person’s ability to make good choices, which increases the likely hood of assaults, sexual activity, drinking and driving, and alcohol poisoning”.   Since underage drinking can change the course of a young person’s life quickly, emphasis patrols by Omak PD will continue. 

The Omak Police Department encourages you to call 911 to report underage drinking parties, as well as, those who provide alcohol to minors.  An investigation continues into how Ms. Ramos- Lopez obtained the alcohol she consumed. Providing alcohol to a minor can cost you a $5000 fine and up to a year in jail.


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