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Jan 04, 2012

A case of mistaken intention and a high speed pursuit landed a Pateros man in the Okanogan County Jail Tuesday night.

Okanogan County Sheriff Frank Rogers said that while responding to a domestic violence call in Twisp, Deputy Shane Jones came up behind a pickup driven by 31-year-old Charles M. Hackenmiller around 11:00 p.m. Tuesday night. Rogers said Jones was travelling with lights and siren and was going around 70 miles per hour. He said when Jones up behind the pickup he began to pass it and the pickup began to pick up speed and would not allow Deputy Jones to pass.

Rogers said at that point, Jones checked in to pursuit. The pursuit continued up Hwy 153 at speeds of approximately 80 miles per hour, then turned onto the south access of Gold Creek Road. Rogers said, "At one point the pickup lost control and went into the ditch but was able to get out of the ditch and continue to run."

Rogers said Hackenmiller continued down Gold Creek Road, back to Hwy 153 and then southbound until he reached a residence at 616 Hwy 153. The Sheriff said Hackenmiller pulled into his driveway, jumped out of the vehicle and started running.

Deputy Jones exited his vehicle and caught up to Hackenmiller who stopped when ordered to. He was taken to the Okanogan County jail and booked for Felony Eluding and Driving While Suspended.

Rogers said when they asked him why he ran, Hackenmiller said that when he saw the lights coming up behind him he thought that Deputy Jones was trying to stop him. Hackenmiller said he had a suspended license so when he saw the lights he panicked and took off to get away. Rogers said Hackenmiller was cooperative during the stop and when he found out that Deputy Jones was actually responding to a domestic dispute, Hackenmiller laughed and said "he has the worst luck in the world."

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