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Pilot Injured in Plane Crash Near Cameron Lake Road

Jun 20, 2012

The pilot was injured after his wing clipped a power line while spraying a canola field off the Cameron Lake Road Wednesday morning. Photo Courtesy OCSO.
A 41-year-old Ephrata man was injured in a plane crash in the Cameron Lake area this morning.

According to Okanogan County Sheriff Frank Rogers, Ward Bischoff, was spraying a field around 8:30am when he was about to make the second pass and the wing of the plane clipped a power line.

Rogers said a deputy interviewed Bischoff, who said he had already changed directions to see the lines better, but by the time he saw it on the second pass it was too late.

Rogers said Bischoff was taken to Mid Valley Hospital and then transported to Sacred Heart Medical Center in Spokane. His condition is unknown at this time but the Sheriff said he was conscious and talking to rescuers during the entire incident. The plane was destroyed in the crash.

Rogers said the FAA and NTSB were advised of the incident and FAA did respond to the scene and have completed their investigation. He said the power was expected to be restored and repaired by midnight.

Photo Courtesy OCSO.

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