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Rumors of Threats to Omak HS Unfounded

Jun 14, 2017

One Omak High School student was suspended after he was found with a knife in his backpack and several others were disciplined after rumors of threats were posted on social media sites Tuesday night and Wednesday morning.

The District sent out an email on Wednesday, to notify parents about the rumors made on Facebook and Snapchat.

Omak School Superintendent Dr. Erik Swanson said, "Rumors of threats to Omak High School…last night and this morning have been investigated and are rumors only.” He said, “On Tuesday, a student at the high school who was alleged to have a gun at school was investigated.”  Swanson said the student was “suspended after he was found to have a knife in his backpack, but no guns or access to them.” School administrators and Omak Police Department investigated the incident.

Swanson said the rumors have been expanded by some students on social media this morning and those students have been identified and disciplined as well. He said, “Omak High School and all of our schools are safe and not subject to any known credible threat.”

Swanson went on to say, “As always, parents and students are encouraged to report anything suspicious so that we can continue to keep our students safe at school.” He said,  “If you see or hear something, say something to school officials. Thanks to our community for helping us keep Omak Schools safe for everyone."


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