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Second Arrest Made in Shawl Murder

Jul 20, 2017

A second arrest has been made in the murder of Joseph Shawl, whose body was found in the Okanogan River on June 27, 2017, a week after he had gone missing.

Omak Police this morning arrested 18-year-old Andrew Newman, of Omak,  in connection with the murder of Shawl. 

Omak Police Chief Jeff Koplin said Newman admitted to getting into a fight with Shawl earlier in the evening on the night Shawl went missing.  Koplin said Newman told police that he and Patrick Yallup, who has already been arrested, drug Shawl’s body down to the river, but says that Yallup actually threw the body in the river. 

Koplin said Newman also has stated that he got into a fight near the river with Javier Sanchez, who is also missing.  The Chief said Newman told police that he “knocked out” Sanchez, but that Yallup rolled his body into the river. 

Sanchez’s body has not been found as yet, but police are out on the river again today to search for any signs of Sanchez.  Koplin said that several accounts with money in them that were available have not been accessed since that night.  He is still considered a missing person.

Koplin said both Newman and Yallup are being charged with one count of Murder in the Second Degree.  He said, there may be additional charges coming in relation to Sanchez’s disappearance, but  he said, they will make that decision at a later time.  

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