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Second Half Property Taxes Due October 31

Oct 25, 2013

The second half of Okanogan County property tax payments and irrigation assessments for 2013 is due and must be postmarked by Thursday October 31st.

Payments can be made in person or by check to the Okanogan County treasurer. Checks should be mailed to the Okanogan County treasurer at P.O. Box 111, Okanogan, WA 98840, or delivered in person to the treasurer’s office in Okanogan at 149 N. Third Ave., Room 201. The treasurer’s office does not accept debit or credit cards at the counter.

People can pay with a credit card at www.officialpayments.com or calling 1-800-272-9829. There will be a processing fee of $25 per $1,000 of charges added. For credit card payments, taxpayers will need to provide the jurisdiction number (5633), parcel number, type of payment, and amount owed.

Interest and penalties begin accruing on Nov. 1 for any taxes not received by the deadline.

Call the treasurer’s office at (509) 422-7180 or visit its website atwww.okanogancounty.org/Treasurer for more information.


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