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Second Suspect in Eagles Burglary Being Sought by Police

Mar 07, 2014


The Okanogan County Sheriff’s Office is looking for and Everett man, who they believe helped Kyle Snyder in the burglary of the Okanogan Eagles on Tuesday.

Snyder who was wearing a monitoring ankle bracelet at the time of the burglary was arrested following the initial investigation.

The video from the Eagles showed two suspects during the burglary. Sheriff Frank Rogers said For the last several days Deputies have been working on several leads on the case to identify the second suspect.

On Thursday, Deputies went through Snyder’s ankle bracelet history again to see where else he had gone that night. They discovered that Snyder had gone to a local convenience store in Omak which does have surveillance cameras. Deputies went to the store and viewed the film showing the time on the ankle bracelet history. Rogers said, what they found was right after the burglary Snyder went into the store wearing the same clothing and driving the same car that was used during the burglary. The Sheriff said they also were able to identify the second suspect, who was in the car with Snyder.

Deputies saw 28-year-old Ryan P. Gregory Jr., of Everett getting out of the vehicle wearing the same clothes that showed on the camera during the burglary at the Eagles.

Deputies searched all day Thursday, but were unable to locate Gregory, who they believe may have returned to Everett. A warrant is being sought for Gregory but if anyone has any information they are asked to please contact the Okanogan County Sheriff’s Office.

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