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Feb 28, 2012

A Riverside man was arrested Sunday following not one, but two attempted robberies in Okanogan.

Okanogan County Sheriff Frank Rogers said 35-year-old Justin W. Nanpuya was arrested for Robbery and also had several arrests warrants.

Rogers said on Friday at around 9:15 PM Nanpuya walked into Valley Care and advised one of the employees that he had a gun and demanded all of her money. She told police that Nanpuya said "this is a robbery, give me your money." Nanpuya kept a hand over his face and one on his waistband. The employee said she didn't have any money, and when other people started to walk up Nanpuya left.

On Saturday night, around 10:10 PM, Rogers said Nanpuya walked into the Cariboo Inn. He walked up to the bar and leaned over and told the bartender that this was a robbery and demanded all the money in the till. Rogers said again he attempted to keep one hand over his face and one hand on his waist band. The Sheriff said the bartender told the man to get lost...he was calling the cops, and Nanpuya turned and left the bar.

During the investigation Deputies were able to watch the video from the Cariboo and get a look at the suspects face. They were able to identify Nanpuya, and he was also identified by witnesses at the Cariboo Inn.

On Sunday, Deputies went to a residence on 4th Avenue in Okanogan where the suspect was said to be. Rogers said they were given permission to search the residence and found Nanpuya hiding in the bedroom. The Sheriff said Nanpuya was still wearing the same clothes he was wearing the night he attempted to rob the Cariboo.

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