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Tonasket Man Arrested on Drug Charges

Jan 27, 2014



A 58-year-old Tonasket man was arrested Sunday morning after a large number of drugs were found in the vehicle he was riding in.

According to Okanogan County Sheriff Frank Rogers, Donald L. Thomas, of Tonasket, was booked into the Okanogan County Jail on four charges of Possession of legend drug with intent to deliver. Those druge included Clonazepam, Hydrocodone, Diazepam, and Buprenorphine. He was also charged with two counts of Possession of controlled substance with intent to deliver. Those drugs were Heroin and Methamphetamine.

Rogers said Sunday morning around 11:55 AM Deputy Isaiah Holloway was patrolling the parking lot of the El Parisio bar near the casino when a vehicle almost struck his patrol vehicle. They turned south bound on Apple Way Rd which is when Deputy Holloway stopped the vehicle.

Rogers said after the Deputy talked to the driver and passenger, he obtained permission to search the vehicle.

During the search deputies discovered a plastic bag with several pills in it. They also discovered a large chunk of black material they believed to be black tar heroin.

Rogers said after questioning the driver and passenger, it was determined the items belonged Thomas, who was the passenger. The driver was not charged and was allowed to leave after the stop.

Rogers said Thomas also had $840 in 20 dollar bills on him and a plastic bag with additional pills and suspected methamphetamine.


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