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Tonasket Man Arrested for Shooting At Son’s Ex-Girlfriend

Mar 07, 2014


A 47-year-old Tonasket man was arrest Thursday afternoon after firing a rifle into the ground near the feet of his son’s ex-girlfriend.

Douglas G. Johnson, a former Omak Police Officer, was arrested at his home in Crumbacher, and booked on charges of First Degree Assault, Domestic Violence.

Okanogan County Sheriff Frank Rogers said deputies were called to the scence by 35-year-old Brianna Hicks of Tonasket.  Rogers said Hicks and her boyfriend, 23-year-old Tyler J. Kion, of Tonasket, had broken up earlier in the day. Hicks had lived at the residence with Kion and his father, Douglas Johnson for several months.

Hicks said when she went to the home to pick up her things, Johnson, confronted her outside at the gate with a .223 caliber rifle. The Sheriff said when Johnson got the gate he lowered the rifle and fired one round into the ground at Hicks’ feet.

Hicks told deputies that she left immediately and went to another residence to call law enforcement.

Deputies surrounded Johnson’s residence and attempted to get him to come out of the house using loud speakers but there was no response. Rogers said after about 15 minutes Deputies called the residence and were able talk to Kion. They instructed both men to exit the house which they did.

The Sheriff said Hicks was not injured in the incident but was hit in the leg by what appeared to be a piece of gravel. He said deputies were able to recover the bullet from the ground where Johnson had fired his weapon. The weapon was also located in the home and confiscated.

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