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Jun 23, 2016

The Colville Business Council  has announced  today that the Chairman  of the Colville  Tribes,  James L. Boyd, has passed  on.   He was 60.

Boyd, a prolific  songwriter  and entertainer,  was well known throughout  Indian Country.   He  travelled  throughout  the United  States, was known  for his love ofHarley• Davidson  Motorcycles,  and won numerous  awards  for his music,  including  7 Native American  Music Awards  & Associations  awards,  including  the Lifetime  Achievement Award  in 2014.  He has held the post of Tribal  Chairman  since 2014.  Representing  the Inchelium  District  of the Colville  Indian Reservation,  Boyd previously  held the position of the Council's   Law and Justice  Committee  Chairman.

Boyd was well-liked  and respected  by his peers and colleagues.   "He will be greatly missed"  said Colville  Business  Council  Vice Chairman  Michael  Marchand.   "Jim was a guy that was very focused  and intelligent,  a great storyteller.   He lived life to the fullest and his good nature  and sense of humor were infectious"  Marchand  added.

"This is a very, very sad day for the Colville  Tribes.   One of our most respected leaders,  and talented  tribal members  is no longer among us.  The sheer enormity  of our loss has not set in yet, and I doubt that it will for quite some time.  We are especially saddened  for his family,  who loved this caring man greatly"  Marchand  concluded.

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