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Tribe Bans All Fireworks on Reservation This Year

Jun 16, 2016

The Colville Business Council announced today a ban on all fireworks on the Colville Indian Reservation.

According to Resolution 2016-311, Mount Tolman Fire Center has reported that fire season is three weeks ahead of schedule and there is a significant risk of wildfires this summer.

Due to this increased risk of forest and range fires, and with concern for the life and property of Reservation residents, natural resources, and in the wake of the devastating fires on the Reservation over the last few years, the Colville Business Council enacted the resolution earlier today.

“We are still recovering from last year’s wildfires. We anticipate another tough fire season, and just can't risk celebrating the Fourth of July with fireworks this year. We discussed many factors and had a healthy debate, but ultimately the decision was to err on the side of safety,” said Tribal Chairman Jim Boyd. “We certainly can appreciate the economic impact this decision will have on our Tribal Member fireworks vendors, but with what is at stake, we felt that we had to consider the potential impacts on the entire community paramount,” concluded Boyd.

The 1.4 million acre Colville Indian Reservation was part of last year’s Okanogan Complex fires and the site of the North Star fire, two of the largest wildfires in Washington State history.


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