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Twelve year-olds reap the consequences of adult marijuana legalization

Jan 24, 2018

On Wednesday January 17, 2018, Omak Police investigated two incidences of underage marijuana use after Omak Middle School administration found marijuana and paraphernalia on an Omak Middle School student.             

Omak Police contacted two other students for underage marijuana activity. One 12 year-old student was arrested for distributing a controlled substance, marijuana, which he took from his grandmother and gave to another student.  The second 12 year-old student who accepted the marijuana from the other student was cited for possession of marijuana and a source investigation was conducted to determine how the student obtained a different kind and amount of marijuana plus paraphernalia found in his backpack.  After speaking to the student the minors’ mother was contacted and then arrested for distributing a controlled substance to a minor.

It is a felony to provide marijuana to someone under 21, even your own kid says Omak Police Chief Jeff Koplin, and our department will continue to enforce marijuana-furnishing laws whether that’s marijuana sold by a clerk during a compliance check or the result of a source investigation- we will enforce the law.

Marijuana is harmful for a developing brain, so Okanogan County Community Coalition will continue to support law enforcement and Omak School District in their commitment to keeping marijuana away from kids says Stacey Okland, Co-Director for the Coalition.  Parents are the first line of defense in youth access to substances like marijuana.  We urge parents to seek out educational materials about how marijuana impacts kids and if they choose to use marijuana make sure they lock it up.  And, if you see anyone providing marijuana to a minor please call police.

For more information you can visit okcommunity.org.



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