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Twisp River Road Closed Near Poplar Flat Campground

May 09, 2014

Water cutting across the Twisp River Road has created an unsafe condition and has led to a closure on the Twisp River Road just before the Poplar Flat Campground, west of Twisp.

“Storms last summer damaged some of the Forest Roads,” said Michael Liu, Methow Valley District Ranger.  “We were able to get some temporary fixes in place but now spring runoff is causing more damage.”

“The damage from last summer’s storms wasn’t enough to qualify for Emergency Relief for Federally Owned Roads, or ERFO, funding which leaves us trying to make what repairs we can with our very limited Forest Road budget,” he said.

The closure, which is about one mile east of the Poplar Flat Campground, will remain in place until repairs can be made to make the road passable. 

This closure blocks vehicle access to Poplar Flat Campground, South Creek Trailhead and Campground, Scatter Creek Trailhead and the Roads End Campground and trailhead.

Information about road and campground closures is maintained on the Forest website at www.fs.usda.gov/okawen

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