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Two Dead One Wounded in Shooting

Aug 26, 2011

Two women are dead and a third wounded in a 5 p.m. shooting in Okanogan Thursday.

Okanogan County Sheriff Frank Rogers said 39-year-old Rene J. Menard, died at the scene and 39-year-old Catrina M. Fling was airlifted to Sacred Heart Hospital in Spokane. Rogers said the suspect 32-year-old Shelly L. Payton was transported to Mid Valley Hospital, where she was pronounced dead.

Rogers said, Payton and Menard were living together at the residence on north 2nd Avenue in Okanogan where the shooting occurred.

He said the investigation shows that around 5:00 PM last night Fling and Menard were at the residence in Okanogan when Payton arrived. He said, There was an argument between Payton and Menard in the residence, Payton then walked out to her vehicle and grabbed a .40 caliber semi-auto pistol. Rogers said, Fling was just starting to dial 911 to call the Sheriff's Office when Payton then returned with the gun. The Sheriff said Payton shot Fling in the lower abdomen area. Fling collapsed on the floor but was able to still dial 911 and report the shooting to dispatchers.

Rogers said, "It appears that there was then a struggle of some sort between Payton and Menard when another shot was fired." He said, The scene indicates that Menard was holding on to Payton from behind and the single shot went through both of them.

Hospital officials say Fling is in satisfactory today.

Rogers said Detectives are also investigating another incident that occurred yesterday afternoon with Payton. He said, around 7:30 PM Thursday, Detectives received a telephone call from McDonalds in Omak. He said, They stated that around 2:00 PM Thursday, a female was in the restaurant eating with her kids when Payton walked into the restaurant, pulled out the pistol stuck it in the woman's' chest and pulled the trigger. The weapon was not loaded and according to the witnesses Payton stated that next time there would be bullets in the gun. The Sheriff said Payton then left McDonalds. He said, Law enforcement was not called at the time of the incident but notified around three hours later after management at McDonalds heard about the shooting. Rogers said they are pulling tapes from McDonalds and looking for the women involved to interview her.

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