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Underage Drinking Poses Health Concerns

Sep 12, 2013

Since the Okanogan County Community Coalition joined forces with the Omak Police Dept to enforce underage drinking laws in April, 28 juveniles have been cited for Minor in Possession in Omak.  Unfortunately, some of the juveniles Omak Police have had contact with have required medical attention for consuming too much alcohol. On Friday night a 16 year old juvenile required medical attention for alcohol poisoning and a laceration to the head. This is the second young person in a month that has required medical attention for alcohol poisoning.

Alcohol affects a young person differently than it does an adult and young people are apt to drink more than adults when they do drink, therefore, alcohol shouldn’t be looked at as a rite of passage for young people. So what can adults in our community do to keep alcohol away from kids? According to the Okanogan County Community Coalition, we can lock up our alcohol, have strict rules about alcohol use in our homes, refuse to buy alcohol for someone under 21, make sure young people aren’t drinking alcohol on our property, report people who do supply alcohol to minors, and finally we can model responsible drinking behavior.

If you suspect someone is providing alcohol to minors please call 911.


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