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Westfork Road Sluffing Off Into Reservoir

Mar 18, 2016

Portions of the Westfork Road in Conconully have sluffed off into the lower reservoir, narrowing, but not destroying the road.  Okanogan County Emergency Manager Maurice Goodall said the road is still passable, however it is even more narrow now.  Goodall said that road is usually about a lane and a half wide, now it’s about a lane and a quarter wide.

Goodall said the road does have barricades around the slide.  The county engineers have been up there and are working on a solution for the road, but Goodall said, some of the repair work may need to wait until things dry out more so they don’t make a bigger mess. 

Goodall added that repairs were done on Thursday for the Green Lake Road which was closed for a time due to some severe rutting.  

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