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Wolf Reported Near a Home on the Malott Eastside Road

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Mar 06, 2014

A family living on the Malott Eastside Road had an unwelcome visitor Tuesday night. 

According to the report to Okanogan County the man was tucking his children into bed about 8:30pm Tuesday night when his dog started backing emphatically and he said he knew something was wrong.

The man said when he looked out the window in the direction of the barking he saw a grey wolf standing just outside his daughter’s window in the back yard.  He said his dog was guarding the back door.  He said when the dog saw him in the window she started towards the wolf.

He said “The wolf lunged at her and I pounded the window with my fist yelling.” The man reported that the wolf withdrew back about 15 feet then turned back to the house again looking at his dog.

He said, “I ran into my bedroom and told my wife to get a flashlight and grabbed a gun and went out the front door to protect my dog and scare off the wolf.” He said, “When I went out the wolf was still present but had moved off towards the field to the northwest.”  He said he could no longer see is clearly but he could see its silhouette and his dog was still locked on its location.

He reported that his wife came out the back door and yelled for him. At that point he said the wolf turned away and started running. He said his dog took off after it barking and chasing it away, but the wolf was much faster than the dog.


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