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WSP reminding motorcycle enthusiast to slow down on North Cascade Highway

Jul 18, 2012

The Washington State Patrol is reminding motorcycle enthusiast to slow down on the North Cascades Highway (SR20) in Okanogan County. Two of the most challenging areas on the North Cascades Hwy for novice or unfamiliar riders are the Liberty Bell (Cut Throat) curve and "Seven Devils" which are where our last three motorcycle riders were involved in separate collisions in the last month.

Lieutenant Patrick stated what is interesting is all three riders were from the B.C. area and added we are extremely fortunate those three collisions did not result in a fatality. Lieutenant Patrick said about half our motorcycle fatalities involve only the motorcycle. Those are clearly "loss of control" incidents, many of them because people are taking what seem like fun curves at too high a speed.

The WSP has been trying to get the message out to all riders and drivers to slow down to the suggested speed limit signs where they are posted. As a reminder the suggested speed limit signs in Washington indicate how fast you can take the curve safely - example: if the suggested sign says 35 MPH that is the speed you should be taking the curve anything above the suggested speed limit could result in your losing control of your motorcycle.

Ride Safe - Be responsible - Slow Down

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