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Jun 24, 2014

Washington State University Extension is announcing a new food preservation program called PRESERVE THE TASTE OF SUMMER. It is a series of eight online lessons for the in-home consumer who wants to learn about food preservation and food safety.  It is designed for beginning canners and veteran canners who want to update their knowledge and skills.

The lessons provide the most current USDA approved food preservation recommendations. Topics include food safety, the basics of canning and information on specific food preservation methods, including pressure canning, boiling water bath canning, freezing and drying, as well as making fruit spreads and pickled foods.  A certificate of completion is provided at the end of the course.

Visit http://preservesummer.cahnrs.wsu.edu to register for the online series.  To participate, you will need a computer made in the last five years and have a stable internet connection. The cost for the series is $25.  Some counties may offer local hands-on lessons for those people who complete the online lessons.  Be sure to contact your local WSU Extension office at 509-422-7245 or email Okanogan.county@wsu.edu for more information. 

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